Adventures in Hawaii by Kids for Kids. Join us on an Adventure

Host Ginger and the Island Adventure Kids take us snorkeling at Two Steps.  Two Step is located South of Kona near the Place of Refuge (See video 11)
Two Step has pretty limited parking depending on what time of day you arrive.  Early morning and late afternoon are recommended.  There are some locals providing parking in a nearby lot for around $5.00.  There are no facilities except Portopotties.  There is a boat launch there too.

Two-step is a fairly easy place to go in the water for kids ages 10 and up.  There are two step of lava that make entry into the water pretty easy.  We recommend sitting on the bottom on the second step and just jumping in.  And the same for getting out just sort of pull yourself up and sit on the step.

There are tide pools nearby that littler kids can play in as well. Along with a small sandy beach area on the other side of the boat launch.
As always check the water conditions before going.  If it seems rough then don’t go.  Spinner dolphins can sometimes be spotted here if you are lucky.

Bring water, reef friendly sunscreen and provisions.