Adventures in Hawaii by Kids for Kids. Join us on an Adventure

Island Adventure Kids’ Host Ginger, takes us on the hike to see the Lava flow entering the ocean.  As of September 21,2016 the lava flow is viewable from Kalapana, Hawaii.
The hike is 4.5 each way for a total of 9 miles.  The hike is along a gravel road shown here in the video.  You need to wear tennis shoes or hiking boots.  As you can see in the sign above in the photo, slippahs or flip flops are not allowed.  Bring plenty of water. Depending on the time of day that you do the hike, it is recommended to bring flash lights or headlamps and sunscreen.  The hike is not hard, it is basically a pretty flat gravel road the whole way.  Many people ride bikes.  We have done this as well.  Ginger found the gravel a bit tricky to navigate on her bike at times. Mom and Dad found the bike method to be good.  There are bike rentals at the location. Ginger downloaded and audio book to listen to on the walk hike.  If you are walking the hike takes about 2 hours each way.
There are porta-pottys on the trail too. Bring some snacks and plenty of water and a camera. At night the star viewing is amazing.