Adventures in Hawaii by Kids for Kids. Join us on an Adventure

Island Adventure Kid host Ginger and her family check out Kapoho Tide Pools.  The tide pools are on the Eastern tip of the Big Island of Hawaii, near Pahoa.  Once you arrive at the sign that reads Wai Opae you will park your vehicle and mind the signs about leaving valuables in your car.  You will then walk down the road following the white spray painted arrows. At the end of the main road you will turn left to the water.  Depending on the time of year, what the weather is like and what the water conditions are your experience may vary.  We have found arriving in mid morning on a sunny day when there is little to no surf is a good time. You will need to pack in and then back out anything you bring.  The tidepools are amazing.  Consider using a rash guard or cover up and not wearing sunscreens in the water.  The chemicals in the sunscreens do affect the tide pools.  Since this is a neighborhood please make sure and be respectful of people’s private property.  The tidepools vary on depth based on the tides.  Many of the pools are very calm and kids of all ages will enjoy them.  As you progress out towards the ocean is when the scenery in the pools gets better but also the currents and such can get stronger so be cautious.  Also, many of the tide pools have sea urchins or in Hawaiian – wana (pronounced vah-na) and also morey eels so pay attention. Do not remove any animals or living shells from the pools.